Dracola is, simply put, just a drink with a little more fang, that will keep you coming back for more, again and again.

And again after that.

The making of a bitey label

My job, working this case, was coming up with the label design, and, of course, designing the actual label. I wanted the feeling to ring a bit of Bela Lugosi, but also be contemporary, so for the final design a sort of pop cultural kawaii-ness was added.

Some kind of graveyard hand

The other part of this case was working on matte painting for the finished image. As matte painting goes, it was pretty straight forward, adjusting, cutting, softening and adding details. Although I now see many areas that could use improvement, like the contrast between the background and the arm, perhaps adding some kind of tombstone would have made it pop more, I still feel it communicated its message.

Worth coming back for? You betcha!


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